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Where leaders in the energy sector connect and collaborate towards a more sustainable future.

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Meet with other energy leaders

Frontier Energy Network is powered by an international community of members from the energy sector’s fastest-growing companies. Together, we are a force for helping you open doors in the energy sector and drive change.

The energy sector is changing rapidly, collaborate on solutions

The rapid changes in the energy sector can be tough to navigate. That's why we created a place where individuals and teams can come together to open doors, build relationships, exchange information and forge deals.

Collaborate with other energy
experts and join our eco-system for
advancing the energy sector

Over the last decade Frontier has developed a collegiate environment for senior people in the energy sector and beyond. Your company can leverage the Frontier platform to engage with decision makers who are driving the energy industry forward. Through Membership you get a seat at the table and an opportunity to collaborate with companies in our eco-system.

What you’ll discover 
in Membership

Frontier connects you with peers online and in person, in an environment driven by collaboration.

£495/ annum

  • Connections
    Real relationships are built here within the network to assist you, whatever your aim.

  • Meetings, Both Virtual &

    Access to a range of Members only events & discounted access to Summits.

  • Featured in Summits
    Be considered for speaking and moderating opportunities.
  • Members Portal
    Our members directory helps you navigate our eco-system.

  • Energy Resources
    Our library of energy industry resources, reports and on demand content is always growing.

  • New Opportunities
    We strive to open doors for our members, and they do the same for each other.

Take your place
at the table

Join our worldwide network and find the support you need to drive change for a cleaner energy future.


What we do for Corporate Partners

Corporate Partner benefits offer a platform to raise the profile of your company in the wider Frontier network.

£995/ annum

  • Corporate Introductions
    Access to introductions within the Membership, limits apply.

  • Members Welcome
    A press release to welcome you as a Corporate Partner.

  • Featured in Summits
    Your wider team will be considered for speaking and moderating opportunities.
  • Corporate Platform
    Promote your company through our Monthly Member Spotlight feature.

  • Corporate News
    Share your news through the Frontier Energy Network channels.

  • Association and Branding
    Your company logo will feature as a Corporate Partner across our platforms.

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