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Opening doors in the energy industry through
Membership and Summits

Frontier generates tangible value by providing an exclusive platform to open doors in the energy industry, build relationships, exchange information, collaborate and get business done .

Members of the Frontier Energy Network have a competitive advantage… established over two decades, with a unique portfolio tailored to the energy industry. Our brands are built on a trusted reputation and a track record of excellent relationships with clients and senior level decision-makers. 

Frontier is proud to work with leading entities in the delivery of our global Membership and Summits in collaboration with private and publicly-listed energy companies, the finance community, advisors, national oil companies, governments and respected industry and academic institutions active in the energy sector. 

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We are proud of the Frontier team and we are united in our interest and passion for the energy sector. We get a buzz from collaborating with the energy industry's brightest minds. We have one thing in common as a team, we are passionate about opening doors in the energy industry and we love working together to create a vibrant and collaborative eco-system that enables growth and deal-making for our clients. Our team brings a wealth of experience in delivering Membership and Summits globally.

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Gayle Meikle


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Daniel Davidson


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Jerome Svikovsky

Global IT Director

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Tony Bheki Moyo

Global Director of Sales - Summits | Membership

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Bernadette Goudy

Membership Manager

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Mrinalini Mitta

Events Manager


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Our network of senior executives facilitates collaboration and deal flow.

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