The Rt Hon Greg Clarke MP meets Frontier Team

3 August 2022

This week, The Rt Hon Greg Clarke MP met the Frontier team. Our COO, Daniel Davidson spoke to Mr Clarke about the work that Frontier is doing to bring international governments to the United Kingdom to collaborate on global energy solutions and the work we are doing to breaking down barriers towards net zero in 2050.
Frontier’s COO Daniel Davidson said of the meeting;

“It was a great opportunity to meet the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP and share with him the work that Frontier is doing in the energy industry. Frontier is committed to providing a world-class platform to connect and collaborate on energy globally, through Membership of Frontier Energy Network and our global Summits and we are focussed on our role to bring the energy industry together to drive clean growth.”

Daniel Davidson, Frontier's COO meets The Rt Hon Greg Clarke MP

The visit of the MP to York and North Yorkshire on Yorkshire Day was to sign a deal which will grant more power to communities in Yorkshire with the aim of driving prosperity and opportunity in all parts of Britain. Frontier was one of the businesses selected to meet the MP who was interested to hear of our impact, both locally in our community as well as to the UK and the world in the pursuit of a more sustainable, secure energy future.

At Frontier we run a leading energy network. We help our Members collaborate and connect. We also run globally recognised Summits that our Members join online for free or in-person at discounted rates.  If you would like to find out more about Membership book a call here.