Africa Energies Summit

On Demand

Exhibition & Advertising Specs

The Africa Energies Summit offers two sizes of Exhibition Booth in the venue; the Executive Booth and a Headline Booth. The booth that you have purchased will be detailed on your contract with Frontier. The client has the option to add extras to the package including stools and a TV Screen with wireless keyboard. If a TV screen has been ordered this will affect the artwork. 

As well as artwork for Exhibition booths, some sponsors and exhibitors have the option to supply an advert in the Conference Program. Details of the advertisement specifications are below for your information. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need any more information or guidance on artwork specifications either by phone + 44 208 1947 051 or email us at info@frontierenergy.network


Executive Booth

Booth with Optional Extras

Headline Booth

Booth with Optional Extras

Booth Optional Extras

To order optional extras for your booth email info@frontierenergy.network

  1. TV Screen & Wireless Keyboard £275 + VAT
  2. Booth Stools £80 + VAT
  3. Pair of Literature Holders £30 + VAT
  4. Counter Upgrade to XL (only relevant to Executive Booth size) £195 + VAT

Notes to Exhibitors

      1. Artwork deadline for all exhibition stand artwork is latest 1st May 2022.
      2. Artwork to be emailed to info@frontierenergy.network
      3. All exhibitor stand packages include the backdrop and the counter.
      4. All exhibitors have to supply artwork for the backdrop and counter, as per dimensions provided.
      5. Optional extras for the stands are available including TV screen, wireless keyboard and stools, on request.
      6. Artwork supplied after the deadline would be subject to a surcharge as from this date we schedule the work into production.
      7. Once you have supplied your artwork, you will be emailed a proof to show that the artwork is a good quality for print an that all is in order for production.
      8. Once approved, the stands will be manufactured and erected by us in the position you have chosen on the event floor plan the evening before the event.
      9. Artwork needs to be supplied at resolution: minimum 300dpi at 1⁄4 of full print size, translating to 72dpi at full size.
      10. Artwork needs to provide bleed for print applied as the artwork is printed on a fabric stretched over a frame.
      11. Artwork needs to be supplied as high res PDF or JPEG file, at 1⁄4 of the final print size.
      12. If you have a screen, avoid key graphics where the screen placement is shown. However, do not show the screen directly on your artwork.
      13. If you have any questions about the artwork that needs to be supplied; please don’t hesitate to contact us.
      14. No free standing exhibition banners are allowed in the exhibition space to keep the space clear.
      15. For stands with screens:
    • All screens have USB ports, and come with a HDMI cable connected, ready for use if you wish to bring a laptop.
    • Windows laptops are best for connecting with the screens.
    • We do not supply any adapters, so please account for this if you require one for your laptop.
    • Supplied screens have a 16:9 aspect ratio. Please consider this when saving images and video files.
    • The HDMI cable enables your laptop screen to be mirrored onto the stand screen (please check your laptop supports this). This is particularly useful if there are demonstrations you wish to show from your laptop. Your laptop can be placed neatly behind the stand on the provided shelf where the HDMI cable will be. If your stand backs onto another, please carefully peel away the side panel above the shelf to access the HDMI and power socket.
    • A wireless keyboard and mouse is available for your use if you wish. The USB receiver will be in the box, or in the underside of the mouse in the battery compartment. These are very small and forgotten easily sometimes. Please make sure you do your best to remember to remove this from your laptop when you leave your stand, and place it back into the box/mouse, otherwise there may be a charge for this to be replaced.
    • File formats for USB drive (please do not use really old USB drives, or security protected):
    • Video files – Save as an MP4 file (please note that if there is no audio file on the video, an error message will appear on the screen, “Audio unsupported”)
    • Image files – Save as JPEG’s in a designated folder
    • PowerPoint presentations – Do not work through USB. Only use these if you have a laptop, or in new versions of PowerPoint you can save it as an MP4 file.

Summit Program Advert Specs

    1. Artwork deadline for all advertisement artwork is 1st May 2022.
    2. Artwork to be emailed to info@frontierenergy.network
    3. Advertisements must be supplied in high resolution PDF, no less than 300 dpi, CMYK with bleed and crop marks as appropriate.
    4. The size of your advertisement in the printed conference program will be detailed in your Sponsor/ Exhibitor contract.
    5. Our publication is A4 and we require 3mm bleed all round.
    6. Artwork supplied after the deadline would be subject to a surcharge as from this date we schedule the work into production.

    297mm(h) x 420mm(w) - Trim
    303mm(h) x 426mm(w) - Bleed

    FULL PAGE (A4)
    297mm(h) x 210mm(w) - Trim
    303mm(h) x 216mm(w) - Bleed
    277mm(h) x 190mm(w) - Type Area

    HALF PAGE (A5)
    148mm(h) x 210mm(w) - Trim
    154mm(h) x 216mm(w) - Bleed
    135mm(h) x 190mm(w) - Type Area