The Africa Energies Summit Effect

19th April 2022

In the final few weeks before the Africa Energies Summit 2022, we spoke to Frontier COO, Daniel Davidson, to get a behind-the-scenes take on the Summit, how it has evolved, and its effect upon the African energy industry.

"This year marks the fifth annual Africa Energies Summit, and I’m proud to say that it’s simply gone from strength to strength each year.

"But what made us decide, back in 2018, to launch what was then known as the Africa E&P Summit?

"Firstly, we felt that there was an appetite for more than one Africa-focused energy event; after all a lot can happen in a year, especially in the fast-paced upstream industry. But possibly of even greater importance was to create a vehicle which would bring the African energy industry to Europe, where so many of the industry’s biggest players are headquartered – and more specifically to the investment capital – London.

"The appetite from both continents was there, and from the word “go”, we’ve attracted the most relevant, active companies as speakers and delegates alike. Africa Energies plays host to the biggest names in the industry – the companies who are, quite literally, at the frontier of development regions. Their input is, of course, invaluable, but in addition we also make a point of involving the independents with an entrepreneurial zeal, the investors, the NOCs and governments looking for that investment, the wider supply chain and professional service companies.

"By providing the platform for local governments to articulate just how competitive they can be - and creating a forum for an incredibly wide spectrum of companies and organisations. In other words, the Africa Energies Summit has created a uniquely holistic view of the continent’s energy industry.

"That’s important for so many reasons - but for me, top of the agenda is that this holistic approach has enabled a critical shift in how Africa is viewed by the global energy industry. By providing the connections, the knowledge, the data and the wider picture, Africa can now be viewed on a par with any other frontier exploration region, making investment decisions easier and more likely.

"It is this fundamental objective to provide industry clarity which informs everything Frontier Energy Network does; we exist to facilitate the relationships that will get the decisions made and the deals done. Nowhere will this be more in evidence than in London next month. If you’re involved – or want to be involved – in the African energy game, there’s no question as to where you need to be. Make sure you book your place at the Africa Energies Summit here

"See you there…"

Daniel Davidson, COO, Frontier Energry Network