Telos join the Frontier Energy Network

1st April 2021

Telos join the Frontier Energy Network

Frontier Energy Network is delighted to welcome Telos, a leading project management services consultancy as its latest Corporate Member

Telos’ clients globally include Oil & Gas operating companies, exploration drilling contractors, mining companies and infrastructure and energy advisory consultants, as well as clients operating in the renewables and alternative energy industry

We asked Nicol Shepherd, Telos Founder and MD, to tell us a little more about the company, and how Telos has transferred the expertise he and his team have from working on major energy projects to Telos now becoming a hugely successful and reliable project management services consultancy. 


“I launched Telos in 2017 after a 20 year career that included senior management positions for projects in the North Sea and all over the world. Most of that time was spent managing offshore and onshore projects in the upstream industry for operating companies including Shell and E.On. 

Given my experience, I really felt that there was a place for a company that could provide support and project management services to a wide range of E&P clients (Operators, Projects & Operations Teams, Drilling & Well Services, Service companies and with private equity and fund managers to provide investor expertise). One of the fundamental reasons why I thought we could be successful is that my management team and I understand our clients’ needs because we have been in their shoes, and because of the experience we bring with us, we know that we can help them to improve business performance by defining and implementing better work practices, technical processes, and technology solutions.

We pride ourselves on providing support across the exploration and production value chain, and we are experts at integrating our services with our clients existing organisation, enabling them to release significant efficiency gains and cost savings, whilst retaining control. 

And of course, operating in continually changing and often uncertain business environments, we recognise that it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify in-house resources, and that resourcing models require flexibility and an agility to upscale and downscale throughout a project’s life. Telos therefore offers clients a “partnering approach” to provide flexibility without sacrificing business continuity.

Telos can do this by providing our clients with access to a highly experienced team of professionals with decades of operator-leadership experience throughout the energy industry, and who have worked together successfully to create a track record of delivering effective, integrated project management and engineering solutions”. 

How does Telos support clients that are facing up to the challenges of energy transition? 


Nicol: “We are going through a phase of significant change in how operators produce, and populations consume power. The global energy sector is seeing a transformational shift from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption to renewable energy sources such as wind, hydrogen, solar and waste to energy, and utilising lithium-ion battery technologies to store excess capacity to release into grids when required. The world is demanding an ever-increasing shift toward cleaner, more sustainable and significantly less carbon intensive forms of energy driven.  

Telos aims to help clients meet their goals, improve performance and deliver their energy transition ambitions toward a more sustainable future and in a manner that enhances stakeholder value. 

The transition to renewable energy has been accelerated by technological advancements and a societal push toward sustainability, as well as by governments recognising the need to reduce energy-related greenhouse gas emissions by instituting programmes for decarbonization. It also helps that renewable energy sources have grown to become a powerful and cost-effective source of electricity, leading to the costs of solar and wind falling to a level that means that in the U.K. and Europe, wind power has become cheaper than traditional energy resources. 

The UK governments ten-point plan towards a green industrial revolution will further incentivize green energy investment going forward in the UK”.

Telos is ideally placed to support our existing and target clients as they evolve to operate in the renewable energy space, bringing with them the same technical and integrated project management expertise employed in our E &P activities to drive efficiency, quality and value through the provision of dedicated project resources to deliver results.

Telos has recently launched an ESG Service for your clients. Can you explain your thinking behind this? 


Energy transition has led to an uptick in companies recognising the need to implement robust Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies to reflect their principles. This helps in the push for change, making companies accountable for their actions and where they fall short, understand the actions they need to take to do better. It has also become an important influence on how a company is judged by investors and stakeholders and impacts their ability to secure funding, mitigate risk and attract and retain staff. 

Without a decent ESG rating, companies, especially in the energy sector, companies will struggle to not only attract finance but may also find it increasingly difficult to attract staff as people become more aware and invested in the impact their company has on all aspects of modern life. 

Straddling the “old” and helping steer clients toward the “new”, Telos decided to introduce a tailored service focused on helping energy sector companies understand their current ESG performance and how they can improve it and provide support to adapt and implement required processes and measures as clients proceed through their ESG performance improvement.


Telos was formed in 2017 as an innovative, dynamic, and experienced operator-led team that provides a comprehensive suite of project management and advisory services, including the supply of “top-up” resources when clients are operating at peak capacity to a wide range of customers, mainly operating across the energy sector. 

Visit Telos at telosnrg.com to find out more, connect directly with Nicol Shepherd and the Telos Leadership Team at Frontier Energy Network Members Briefings.