Searcher Seismic, the leading service provider, joins Frontier Energy Network

16th March 2021

Searcher Seismic, the leading service provider to global oil & gas and mining E&P companies, joins Frontier Energy Network


Frontier is pleased to announce that Searcher Seismic is the latest Corporate Member to join the Frontier Energy Network. We invited the team at Searcher; Neil Hodgson, VP Geoscience and Karyna Rodriguez, VP Global New Ventures at Searcher to share with us an insight into what they do and their recent office opening in the UK.  

Searcher Seismic is a leading service provider of multi-client geoscience data, products and services to global oil & gas and mining exploration and production companies. Searcher has an extensive global geophysical and geological data library that include multi-client 2D and 3D seismic data, magnetics and gravity data, geochemical surveys, digital well databases and prospectivity studies.
Searcher also offers advanced technological software products. These products include, Seisintel, an online marine survey and vessel tracking software, sAIsmic, a web platform which provides global seismic data on-demand with native support for deep learning and GeoClerk, a web-based search engine that utilizes machine learning to source industry related imagery. Furthermore, Searcher’s G&G team, Discover Geoscience are a petroleum subsurface consultancy which provides expert subsurface assistance to the global oil and gas industry through its team of highly experienced geoscientists.
Searcher Geodata UK opened in January 2020 bringing together a high performing team dedicated to identifying, pursuing, and realising new ventures to support efforts in optimising exploration for oil and gas in mature and frontier basins around the globe. The team provides insight and knowhow of existing global datasets with a unique business development insight. Ideas generated are communicated by renowned Geoscience presenters with a commitment to providing a unique project understanding to the market and providing resources to assist our clients, partners and government liaisons.

We are greatly looking forward to sharing our insights with the Frontier Energy Network.

“Seismic data with insights to find the next giant hydrocarbon accumulation”
To learn more about Searcher’s global projects and tech products visit searcherseismic.com or follow Searcher on Linkedin for all project news and insights.

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