Orsted's Horns Rev 2 reaches 10,000GWh mark

5th February 2021

Its 91 turbines have generated enough wind power to cover 3% of Danish consumption

Production from Orsted's Horns Rev 2 Offshore Wind Farm in Denmark topped 10,000GWh yesterday, the developer said. 

Since it was established in 2009, the 91 wind turbines at the 35km2-sized wind farm have generated enough wind power to cover 3% of the total Danish power consumption.

Horns Rev 2 is located in the North Sea, 30km off the Danish west coast.

© Orsted

It was the world's largest offshore wind farm at its inauguration in autumn 2009 with a total production capacity of 209MW.

At the time, the wind farm was expected to supply clean energy corresponding to the annual power consumption of 200,000 Danish households. 

However, Horns Rev 2 has exceeded all expectations said head of operations at Horns Rev 2 Allan Due Overbeck.
He explained: "Since 2009, the total power generated by Horns Rev 2 corresponds to the annual power consumption of more than 3 million Danish households. Technically, this means that over an 11-year period, Horns Rev 2 can document an exceptionally high capacity factor of approx. 50 %. This shows that the North Sea holds fantastic wind power potential and, given its size, is the perfect location for offshore wind farms."

The offshore wind farm produces most electricity in the cold and windy winter months when consumption in Denmark is also at its highest.

However, the wind conditions in the North Sea vary greatly from month to month.

Source: renews.biz