OPT is welcomed as Corporate Members to the Frontier Energy Network

6th January 2021

Ocean Power Technology (OPT) joins the exclusive Frontier Energy Network for leading companies in the energy sector

Frontier is pleased to welcome Ocean Power Technology (OPT) to the exclusive Frontier Energy Network as a Founding Corporate Member. OPT is committed to transforming the world through innovative ocean-energy solutions. OPT delivers durable, reliable, cost-effective ocean-energy solutions that enable new capabilities for offshore power. Information from the oceans can help us understand climate change and natural disasters while also providing sources for food and energy. Persistent, reliable and cost effective instrumentation, communication, and power sources are necessary to support the maritime activities to obtain such information. Present solutions and technologies suffer from the need for costly and repetitive maintenance as well as the rather limited electric power output they provide. OPT helps companies overcome these challenges and limitations.

OPT Logo

Gayle Meikle, Frontier CEO, says: "OPT is an innovative and exciting company at the heart of ocean-energy solutions. By delivering durable, reliable, cost-effective ocean-energy solutions, OPT is at the cutting edge of harnessing the ocean to power for offshore power solutions in defence and security, oil and gas, science and research and communications. OPT spoke at our Energy 2050 Summit and as we build our membership base it is an honour to confirm them as Founding Members.”

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