North Africa and Mediterranean E&P Summit showcases future energy potential in the region

11th January 2021

Frontier will host the North Africa and Mediterranean E&P Summit on the 28th January 2021, with the support of sponsors ONHYM, TGS and Core Lab. The Maghreb-Mediterranean oil, gas and energy landscape, through its significant exploration and production plays, acreage leasing, bid rounds, company assets and portfolio growth, oil & gas discoveries, untapped potential and joint venture interests, continues to lie at the heart of the world energy industry.

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A full day of online engagement featuring key players and latest developments within the North Africa and Mediterranean E&P sector with countries covered including Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Malta, Sicily, Greece, Cyprus, Israel and Lebanon and featuring ONHYM, the Lebanese Petroleum Administration and  Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management S.A. (HHRM S.A.).

The event brings together key governments, national oil companies and leading corporate players to highlight new discoveries, projects and production shifts, natural gas finds, LNG developments, state oil & gas strategies and policies, investment opportunities and the region’s shifting oil-energy game that is driving regional economic growth.

We invite you to join us as we focus on this key anchor region of the world oil/energy markets.


Agenda Highlights:

  • Significant exploration and production plays
  • Acreage leasing
  • Bid rounds
  • Corporate strategies
  • Joint venture interests
  • Latest data and seismic
  • Investment opportunities and E&P deals
  • Frontier hydrocarbon potential
  • Current E&P trends
  • Bid rounds
  • Current challenges and opportunities

Profile Img

Wissam Chbat

Board member of the Petroleum Administration-Head of Geology and Geophysics at Ministry of Energy and Water

Lebanese Petroleum Administration
Profile Img

Dr Patrick Allman-Ward

Chief Executive Officer

Dana Gas
Profile Img

Ben Sayers


Profile Img

Dr Anne McAfee

Chief Geologist for International Studies

Core Lab
Profile Img

Alessio Checconi

Senior Business Development Manager for Africa, Middle East & Mediterranean

Profile Img

Laury Haytayan

MENA Director

Natural Resource Governance Institute
Profile Img

Pierre Raillard

Morocco Country Director

Chariot Oil & Gas
Profile Img

Duncan Wallace

Technical Director

Profile Img

Jalel Smaoui

Energy Expert, former Manager International Operations at ETAP

Profile Img

Mohammed Seghiri

Chief Operating Officer

Sound Energy
Profile Img

Dr John Argent

VP Geoscience

Sound Energy
Profile Img

Dr Carole Nakhle


Crystol Energy
Profile Img

Symeon Kassianides

Chairman of the Board

Natural Gas Infrastructure Company (ETYFA) and Natural Gas Public Company (DEFA)
Profile Img

Ed Reed

Africa and LNG Editor

Energy Voice
Profile Img

Aditya Saraswat

Senior Analyst

Rystad Energy