NextGen Energy Summit Agenda Highlights

10th February 2021

Frontier is pleased to announce the Agenda Highlights for the NextGen Energy Summit

Join us for the NextGen Energy Summit on the 25th February for exciting speakers, tackling current issues in a leading forum that will set the course for the future of the energy sector.

From the changing face of the energy industry through to trends in people, culture, talent and diversity, hear from leading executives preparing for the greatest challenge of a generation. What will the energy company of the future need look like and how is it changing? How is the world of work changing and how will this impact the energy industry? What does the energy industry need to do to attract the best people and talent? How can leaders invest in diversity and shape culture? What are the lessons the energy sector can learn from other industries and what does the energy company of the future look like?

You will have the chance to hear from +25 leading energy executives on how they are embracing change and ensuring success throughout our journey to a low carbon future.


Agenda Highlights
  • Change or Decline; The Acceleration of Net Zero

  • Trends & Drivers: NextGen Energy

  • Investing in NextGen Energy

  • National Grid COP26 Ambitions and the Workforce of the Future

  • A Sharp Tool to Accelerate Growth

  • Lessons From Other Industries

  • The Energy Company of the Future?


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