New members for North Sea hydrogen project AquaVentus

29th January 2021

AquaVentus aims to generate 10GW of offshore wind-powered green hydrogen by 2035

The AquaVentus project, which aims to generate 10GW of offshore wind-powered green hydrogen by 2035, has five new members. Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies, energy company Avia, the LNG terminal operator German LNG Terminal, the port logistics company Cuxport and the commercial law firm Görg have all joined the initiative.

The offshore wind power is intended to produce hydrogen in the North Sea and then bring it ashore via a pipeline.

Hydrogenious distributes green hydrogen with its patented Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) technology.

Together with AquaVentus, the company intends to scale its LOHC systems to large volumes and adapt to the conditions in the offshore environment.

German LNG Terminal GmbH plans to build and operate a multifunctional import and distribution terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Brunsbüttel.

AquaVentus project: hydrogen production in the North Sea. Source: https://www.group.rwe/en

Together with partners, the company is also examining the extent to which LNG import terminals can be combined with feed-in points for liquid hydrogen.

Avia operates four onshore wind farm companies and is convinced of the long-term importance of green hydrogen for Germany and the energy mix. 

Cuxport's role will include the development, implementation and coordination of complex logistics concepts for the wind energy industry.

It will also be available as a service port for maintenance, repair and installation.

German law firm Görg will support AquaVentus and the production of green hydrogen as part of its contribution to the sustainable success of the energy transition.

AquaVentus Association chairman and Mayor of Helgoland Jörg Singer said: "We are very pleased to welcome our new members to the AquaVentus family. Together, we can implement not only production, but also transport and the necessary research in the field of green hydrogen."

Source: renew.biz