Frontier Announces Members Breakfast Briefing: Blinded by the Right

4th March 2021

Frontier Announces Members Breakfast Briefing

Members of the Frontier Energy Network will be joined on 25 March 2021 by Membership Guest Presenter Richard Norris, Fellow of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute and Founder of Pandreco, as he seeks to lead a discussion on the energy transition and its true impact on society

Join us for Richard Norris, Respected Energy Industry Commentator on Blinded by the Right: Subsidies, Externalities and the Energy Transition

Richard's talk will tackle these questions and Members will debate;

  • Is society ready for higher energy prices?
  • Have we reached peak affluence?
  • Transitioning energy supply is only part of the equation, what about more focus on transitioning demand?
  • What are the trade-offs and is there such a think as perfect net zero?

As well as a talk and Q&A with Richard Norris, the Members Briefing will also incorporate Corporate Members Pitch and Members Networking.


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