Frontier's CEO visits Eco-Warrior Club

21 July 2022

Today Frontier Energy CEO, Gayle Meikle visited the Eco-Warrior Club at the local primary school, Knayton C of E Academy in North Yorkshire. Our CEO spoke with the children about the energy industry and what people are doing globally to develop more sustainable energy for now and the future.
The children demonstrated an impressive level of awareness of the environment and what we can all collectively do to make the planet a cleaner place. Gayle talked with the children about different types of energy such as low carbon hydrogen, wind power, solar power and oil & gas and what work is being done to reduce dependance on fossil fuels and invest in cleaner sources of energy for all of us.
They also talked about what it means to be an entrepreneur and Gayle shared her own experiences of starting and running Frontier and Frontier’s clients such as Clean Planet Energy that convert non-recyclable plastics into ultra-clean fuels with 12 eco-plants in development including a flagship plant in Teeside, just down the road from school.
Gayle Meikle, CEO at Frontier said,

“Frontier advocates for the spread of positive impact in the energy sector and we were delighted to have the opportunity meet an inspiring group of children from the Eco Warrior Club led by a passionate teacher, Rebecca Niblett. We look forward to working with this amazing group in the future on sustainable initiatives."

Gayle Meikle, CEO at Frontier with Eco-Warrior Club at a local school

Gayle Meikle went on to say;
"The children said they all wanted to be climate entrepreneurs and make the world a better place. I was inspired by their knowledge and their practical ideas and awareness of the collective challenge we all face in decarbonising our world. They are all too aware and they know it is for them and their children that action must be taken.”
The Eco-Warrior Club meets regularly to talk about the environment and comes up with action plans of how to make the school and their community more sustainable. The Club pointed out to our CEO that the school has no recycling bins and also that their fruit daily is delivered in single use plastic. Frontier will be working with the Club to ensure that these things are addressed with North Yorkshire County Council and the school’s catering supplier. The group also said they would love to visit a recycling plant too which we will aim to plan next term with them.

The children loved their Eco-Warrior hoodies given by Frontier and vowed to continue to fly the flag for the environment. Frontier is committed to having a positive impact in communities and educating the next generation on energy and clean alternatives.