World Energies Summit

20th - 21st September 2023

International Location TBA


World Energies Summit

The International Energy Conference

Welcome to the World Energies Summit, a senior-level forum for those driving the global energy sector and making decisions that will define the world’s future energy mix. We examine current trends, opportunities and future projections.

As the energy industry accelerates towards a lower carbon future what will global energy mix look like in 5, 10, 30 years-time? How will the role of oil and gas companies change over time? Will they become obsolete or will they transform into the energy companies of the future? In-depth panel discussions with a CEO-level audience-driven Q&A, keynote presentations and C-Suite networking.

Join this event to meet with chief executives, government ministers from the world’s leading energy companies and producers. 

2 Days

Of Networking and Engagement


CEO Driven Keynote Panels


Committed to World Energy

Our World Energies Summit delivers

  • Top-rated keynotes, deep dive sessions, panel tracks and insights on innovation and investment in energy and beyond
  • Face-to-face networking within the oil, gas & energy community
  • One-to-one business meetings
  • Access to virtual exhibition
  • Access to private meeting rooms
  • Round table discussions
  • Live debates
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