North Africa & Mediterranean E&P Summit

28th January 2021

Event Agenda

Please note all times in the Agenda are in British Standard Time (BST)

The North Africa & Mediterranean Conference will take place on the 28th January and we are pleased to invite you to participate to this prestigious event taking place online. The North Africa and Mediterranean and oil, gas and energy landscape, through its significant exploration and production plays, acreage leasing, investment portfolio, hydrocarbon potential and joint venture interests continues to shape the dynamics of the global upstream industry. This international senior-level conference brings together key governments, National Oil Companies and corporates as well as independent industry players to highlight new discoveries and production developments, gas-LNG finds, state oil/gas policies, investment opportunities and the regions energy game to allow for expansion and growth.

28th January 2021


Welcome Address

Welcome and Highlights

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Gayle Meikle


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9.05 – 10.50am

Session 1

The Region in a Global Context

This session provides a strategic outlook for the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa region from leading corporate players and well-respected industry commentators. As the region competes for finance and focus within global exploration portfolios, we glean an insight into the strategic view and what opportunities are available and emerging. What are the hurdles the region faces in the coming decades? How can active companies unlock major value for shareholders and governments alike? Is regional cooperation more critical now than ever? Hear a strategic view on the future of the East Med and North Africa.

9.05 (15m)

Opening Summit Keynote

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Mobilising Strategic Partnerships Across the Region

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Dr Carole Nakhle


Crystol Energy
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Jalel Smaoui

Energy Expert, former Manager International Operations at ETAP

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Aditya Saraswat

Senior Analyst

Rystad Energy
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10.50 – 11.05am

Regional Spotlight

A Relook at Libya: Rock-based Insights into the Regional Geology of the Western Mediterranean

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Dr Anne McAfee

Chief Geologist for International Studies

Core Lab
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11.05 – 12.50pm

Session 2

Operator Outlook East Med and North Africa

Operators' Senior-level Roundtable

This session provides an opportunity to hear from active operators within the Eastern Med and North Africa region. With an increased focus on gas globally, how are operators coming together to progress opportunities? What is the status of current and planned projects with key players in the region and how are these projects looking in the light of COVID delays and lowered oil demand and oil price outlooks? What milestones are coming up in the region in terms of exploration activity and wells to be drilled? How important is the gas story now in the light of the rapid pace of change around ESG investing and the growing focus on gas in the energy transition?



Sound Energy: Onshore Morocco: High Impact Opportunities in a Proven but Overlooked Gas Play

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Dr John Argent

VP Geoscience

Sound Energy
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Operator's Regional Outlook


Exhibitor Showcase

Main Stage


Fireside Chat

Chariot Oil & Gas: Maturing a Material Gas Opportunity, Offshore Morocco

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Duncan Wallace

Technical Director

Chariot Oil & Gas
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In Conversation with

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Ed Reed

Africa and LNG Editor

Energy Voice
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Keynote: De-risking Exploration in the Region

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Ben Sayers

Director of Business Development

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1.40 – 3.10pm

Session 3

Regional Hydrocarbon Opportunities; What’s Hot in the East Med Maghreb

Governments Quick Fire Pitch

This session takes the form of a 10-minute lightning pitch from each participating country, followed by an in-depth industry Q&A. It shines a spotlight on the regions latest licensing opportunities, data, prospects and NOC’s with a focus on unlocking potential in these regions. Understand the most interesting opportunities available in licensing and open acreage in East Med and the Maghreb in 2021 and beyond with a focus on providing governments an opportunity to pitch and engage the international E&P community to invest.

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Wissam Chbat

Board member of the Petroleum Administration-Head of Geology and Geophysics at Ministry of Energy and Water

Lebanese Petroleum Administration
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Demetris Fessas

Acting General Manager

Cyprus Hydrocarbons Company
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3.10 - 3.25pm

Networking Break | One-to-one business meetings

Virtual exhibition

3.25 - 4.35pm

Session 4

East Med Natural Gas Development Opportunity

Senior-level Roundtable

This session provides an opportunity for a senior-level dialogue about progressing the natural gas opportunity of the Eastern Mediterranean. What will the next decade bring for gas with an increasing focus on climate change and what needs to be in place for success? How is technology evolving for deep water gas exploration and what risk aspects need to be considered whilst assessing investment in gas projects? What are the hopes for the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum and what else can be done to ensure that this resource is maximised as gas seeks to find a place in a rapidly de-carbonising world? How can co-ordinated development be achieved to produce economies of scale required to create competitive regional gas-export infrastructure? What impact will the reforms have for investors and midstream companies?

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Symeon Kassianides

Chairman of the Board

Natural Gas Infrastructure Company (ETYFA) and Natural Gas Public Company (DEFA)
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4.35 - 5.35pm

Session 5

North Africa Gas Forum

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Dr Patrick Allman-Ward

Chief Executive Officer

Dana Gas
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Profile Img

Mohammed Seghiri

Chief Operating Officer

Sound Energy
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Profile Img

Pierre Raillard

Morocco Country Director

Chariot Oil & Gas
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