Changing the Rules of Business with Bertie Stephens | CEO of Clean Planet Energy

15th July 2021

Listen to CEO, Bertie Stephens, chat about Clean Planet Energy on The Green MBA podcast

The Green MBA is a regular podcast exploring what needs to be included in a new age MBA, one that tackles the problems that business will face in the decades to come and allows students to come away with practical advice that they can implement straight away.

In their podcasts, they chat with industry experts and businesses already making an impact to help people upskill and start making a positive impact today.

The focus is for those starting or growing their own social business, and those in businesses trying to encourage change towards more sustainable practices.

In this episode, Tia Collings, the host of The Green MBA chats with Clean Planet's CEO, Bertie Stephens, about his journey from an eCommerce website to heading up Clean Planet Energy, whose mission is to provide solutions to the climate and plastic crisis.

We discuss how the rules of business change when you’re trying to save the planet, and what it was like trying to raise money for Clean Planet Energy to build their first ecoPlant.

We also delve into ways you can get involved and take a dive into just how big the plastic and carbon crisis really is, and what Clean Planet Energy is doing to try and fix it.

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Source: Clean Planet Energy (originally published on 15th July 2021)