Big Five Board Awards Deploys Funds for African Wildlife Projects

Frontier is pleased to announce that the funds raised at the Big Five Board Awards 2018, through a charity auction held during the event have been successfully deployed to three excellent causes committed to fighting for the preservation and protection of Africa’s most precious resource and specifically in this case, rhinos and pangolins, the world’s most wanted mammals. The beneficiaries of our Big Five charity auction were The Gondwana Conservation Foundation (GCF), The Tikki Hywood Foundation and The Poached Rhino Charity. The impact of the funds raised is humbling and makes us even more determined to make this an annual event in the Frontier calendar, where the oil & gas industry can come together under our banner and make an impact on the fight for Africa’s wildlife.

A lot more can be done and I urge oil & gas companies to consider the impact of their operations on wildlife and wild habitats and to engage in worthwhile conservation projects such as these, who can ensure that investments made; have a real and material impact on the ground. Special thanks to the companies and individuals who contributed to the auction, without you this would not have been possible…Phil & Jenny Loader, Brigitte Walsh & Wide Africa Safaris, Patrick Mavros Junior & Senior, Lesley Wood and Wild Earth Wildlife Photography, the FT, Oil Review Africa, Upstream Newspaper, GeoExpro, Menas & Associates and others who contributed.

In 2019, we will be evolving this event into a more notable glamorous affair and on the 21 November 2019 in London we will host the Big Five Board Awards 2019 as an Awards Dinner. We invite you all to join us.

I am delighted to share with you the feedback and photos from the beneficiaries…

Greetings from Zimbabwe! The response from your Big Five auction evening has been wonderful and we greatly appreciate your support and also your belief in our projects with regards to pangolin in Africa. Seeing as a lot of the companies who were present at the auction evening operate in West Africa - we have decided that your donation should go towards our project in Cameroon. This will be the first of its kind pangolin conservation project in West Africa and I believe and hope that other Africa countries will in turn follow suit.
— Lisa Hywood, Director & Founder, Tikki Hywood Foundation, Zimbabwe
Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for everyone who supported the rhino relocation project. The Rhino’s are now safely on Gondwana Game Reserve and thanks to your generous support these two young Rhino’s, together with their surrogate mother, have a chance to thrive and make a critical contribution to Rhino conservation. Incredible! Some photo’s of the dramatic relocation day are included.
— Gondwana Fundraising Team
Thank you once again for your wonderful support and contribution. I can confirm that the funds have been received. The release of the two young males has been an incredible experience. They are very relaxed and both have wonderful personalities. They have become favorites amongst the anti poaching team who look over the population 24/7.
— Mark Rutherford - Director, Gondwana Conservation Trust, South Africa
All at Poached Rhino would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Big Five charity auction, it is very much appreciated. One hundred percent of the funds raised by the charity go to support a rhino orphanage which is located in the northern part of South Africa. The orphanage is a fantastic set up. They look after 40-50 rhinos aged from just a few months old to ‘teenagers’. They now also have some wild adults who have been sent there from reserves that are no longer able to guarantee their protection from poachers. Costs of running the orphanage are high, around £42,300 per year. Secure fencing costs £5,650 per kilometre. Security costs are high all year round. Risk from poachers is much increased during holiday periods, especially the long Christmas break and more security is needed during these times. Over the recent Christmas 2018 period the security costs alone were £4,232. As you can see the money raised from the auction is very much needed and will be put to excellent use.
— Lesley Wood, Trustee, Poached Rhino

A Rhino & Pangolin Congratulations to the Big Five Board Award 2018 Winners

Distinguished Individual Contribution to the African Industry - Cath Norman, CEO, FAR Limited
Corporate Contribution to African Petroleum & Excellence - ExxonMobil
Best Independent Player in Africa - Impact Oil & Gas
Best Service & Supply Company - TGS
Best African National Oil Company - SNH Cameroun

Africa’s Oil Legend Award, Special Category
Jasper Peijs, Exploration Vice President, BP