Liberia Harper Basin License Round: New Bid Terms at Africa E&P Virtual Summit

Liberia Harper Basin License Round: Investing in Liberia’s Oil & Gas at Africa E&P Virtual Summit Dedicated Roundtable

First opportunity to find out how the Liberian government via its two arms LPRA & NOCAL has been extremely progressive and flexible in adjusting to the current COVID reality and proactively adjusting their Bid terms to lower the entry barrier and ask direct questions of LPRA, NOCAL, TGS and Core Laboratories in a fully interactive session.

  • Hear from the Director-General of the (LPRA) for the first time since his announcement at the Liberia Harper Basin Round Webinar in May 2020.
  • Latest Liberia oil and gas investment opportunities
  • Latest fiscal terms and bidding time-frame for the Harper Basin Licensing Round
  • Data viewing options, pricing & packages available to support oil and gas exploration offshore Liberia
  • Subsurface prospect analysis of the Harper Basin

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The Liberia Harper Basin License Round at the Africa E&P Virtual Summit


Join this session, to learn about the attractive investment opportunity from both a below and above-ground perspective of exploring the Harper basin, the very last frontier in West Africa. We would like to invite our audience to find out how the Liberian government via its two arms LPRA & NOCAL has been extremely progressive and flexible in adjusting to the current COVID reality and proactively adjusting their Bid terms to lower the entry barrier.
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Invest in Liberia, West Africa's last Frontier

Honorable Archie Donmo


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Regulatory Environment, Terms of Round and Timeframe

Rufus N. Tarnue

Deputy Director-General For Technical Services

Liberia Petroleum Regulatory Authority (LPRA)
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Data Viewing Options, Pricing, Data Packages

Atty. Saifuah-Mai Gray


National Oil Company of Liberia
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Prospect/ Sub-surface of the Harper Basin

Richard Hedley

Director Geoscience

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Core Laboratories: Liberia Legacy Data

Anne McAfee

Chief Geologist, International Studies

Core Laboratories
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The Liberia Harper Basin License Round Recap

9 Exciting

Attractive Amendments to Petroleum Law

Extensive 2D & 3D Seismic Data Coverage

Promising Creaceous Plays Identified

The Harper Basin is one of the last truly frontier oil and gas regions of West Africa and the ongoing Liberia 2020 License Round will help facilitate the country’s first commercial hydrocarbon discovery. Earlier this year, the LPRA announced the launch of its next offshore licensing round, which commenced on 10th April. The round was launched in synergy with positive changes to Liberia's Petroleum Law, which were implemented to lengthen the exploration time-frame and attract more investment in Liberia’s oil and gas future. Nine offshore oil and gas exploration blocks will be on offer in the Harper Basin, one of the last unexplored and undrilled regions offshore West Africa.

Seismic Data Offshore Liberia

TGS have acquired an extensive volume of 2D and 3D seismic data offshore Liberia covering both the Liberian and Harper basins. License round coverage totals:
  • 5,961 km of 2D seismic, gravity and magnetic data
  • 6,167 sqkm of 3D seismic, gravity and magnetic data

Well Data Offshore Liberia

While the Harper Basin remains undrilled, Core Laboratories have created an integrated project and report based on offshore wells from the adjacent Liberian Basin. Log and core analysis was used to evaluate the reservoir and source rock facies of the Liberian Basin.

17 offshore wells in the Liberian Basin

Harper Basin Hydrocarbon Potential

Several sub-commercial discoveries in the region have proven the presence of working petroleum systems offshore Liberia. Recent discoveries in nearby offshore Cote d’Ivoire further prove regional source rock maturity and the likelihood of the presence of good reservoir quality rocks with a charge potential worthy of commercial size. Cretaceous slope and basin floor fan systems demonstrating high amplitude character have been identified in the Harper Basin, some of which cover over 300 square kilometres. Volumetric assessment of these features suggests field sizes with over a billion barrels of oil in place. Various play types have been interpreted in TGS’s 3D seismic data:
  • Shelf and Transform Fault
  • Tilted Fault Blocks and Synrift Growth (with producing analogues in Cote d’Ivoire)
  • Basin floor Fans - Complexes & Pinch-outs
  • Slope fan and Channels Systems - Turbidites & Contourites

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